I have been making chai for about as long as I’ve been as full-time tarot reader (since 2003). I first came across chai as a beverage in the early 2000s, and enjoyed it so much that I eventually started trying to make my own at home. Chai has its origins in India, where families will have their own version of masala chai to share with friends and family.

When I went to India in 2008, I drank a lot of chai from many roadside stores. There is nothing like traditional Indian chai! So sweet, so perfect! Each one different and unique in its own way. This is me in Bodh Gaya, enjoying a morning chai:

Psychic Sarah Barry Bodh Gaya Chai.jpg

Anyone who makes chai will introduce certain flavours that they themselves enjoy, so making my own version of this beverage meant that I started to experiment with different ingredients that made it pleasing to my own tastes, and hopefully yours too!

It used to be such a lengthy process making chai, as I would brew all the spices up from scratch, and it usually took up to an hour to complete the task.

After much encouragement from friends and family to make my own version of chai to share with the community, I finally started the experiments with chai mixing that saw me happen upon, in a eureka moment, the chai blend that is now called Psychic Sarah’s Queen of Cups Chai.

My aim was to get the 60 min brewing-from-scratch-time down to under 10 mins, yet still make a tea that tasted just as good. I believe I have done it! My partner, other loved ones and neighbours also agree (they did inform me in the experimenting stages when it wasn’t quite right).  :-)

Now I only boil up the Queen of Cups Chai blend at home – gone are the from-scratch days. How can I go back when it tastes just as good but can be tasted and enjoyed in a fraction of the time?!

So as of December 9 2013, Psychic Sarah’s Queen of Cups Chai is here and is ready to be enjoyed by one and all!

Happy Chai making! :-)


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