Delivering Chai in Style

Psychic Sarah & Her Chariot

I am a one-woman business, and so after I make up the packets of chai as well as the bulk amounts for the cafés that serve my chai in-house, I still need to deliver the goods!

My most efficient and enjoyable way of getting my chai to places where it can be eagerly drunk (and sniffed – staff at both Petty Cash Café and Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher report to letting customers smell the chai in the jar so that they can be sufficiently overwhelmed by the heady scent before they order it), is my flowery, glittery tarot bicycle.

I like the old school method of delivery, and it saves me time in the Sydney traffic. I also use my bicycle to get me to the post office for interstate and overseas orders. So more times than not, the chai that you drink will have gone for a ride in my lovely bicycle. Hooray for chai and hooray for cycling!

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