Buy some chai

1 packet of 220g chai costs AUD$25 (GST inclusive), and will make you at least 50 large cups of delicious authentic chai – have a party!

Where to buy Psychic Sarah’s Queen of Cups Chai:

Petty Cash Cafe, 68 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia – you can drink it in-house there as well. Please contact the café beforehand to make sure they have packets of Queen of Cups Chai in stock.


Please note: The shipping costs are supplied by Australia Post – I know it is expensive! If you want to buy 3 or more packets please email me at queenofcupschai[at] and I will give you an exact shipping quote – it may turn out to be cheaper. For shipping in Australia, buying 3 packets will cost the same as 2. So please email me!

Also contact me if you have an Australian bank account and prefer to pay via online banking, or if you don’t see your country listed in the shipping options – I can still send to you wherever you are.

*For wholesale prices please contact me at queenofcupschai[at]


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